Kai-Uwe 'Gazelle' Humpert

1. General information

Your name:
Kai-Uwe Humpert
You live in (city & country):
Berlin, Germany
Your birthdate (or age):
Your occupation/job/studies:
Studying mathematics with some computer science and economy.
Your hobbies:
equal important to computers is sports (soccer, volleyball)
Anything you want to add here (about yourself):
I'm often at @#berlin (IRCNET)

2. DOOM-related information

Your DOOM config (key bindings, controllers):
ASDFE (a is use), 3 button mouse with fire button and sometimes strafe on.
Size of DOOM directory on your HD:
100 MB?
First contact to COMPET-N (when, how etc.):
Years ago, don't remember, maybe '95? or even '94?
First COMPET-N demo:
SSG07-140? (/misc)
Favourite COMPET-N demo(s) from yourself (the one(s) that you're most proud of):
lv24-032 :) lv01-048 is the newest ... Oh, and uv30net2 or whatever it had... (with dasa) e4m2 stuff (-153)
Favourite COMPET-N demo(s) from others:
all the episode runs. (Never managed to survive one :)
Favourite DOOM or DOOM2 map:
e4m2, map7, map1 (deathmatch), e2m9, e3m9
Favourite TC/megawad:
Plutonia, Hell Revealed
Do you like Quake?
Not that much, Quake 2 is better, but I don't have upgraded yet and have no copy of Q2, maybe this will change when I have a more or less permanent Internet connection from home.
What do you think of DOOM now?
smart single and multi player game with a fast engine, worth a play every day ;) If they could mutate this stuff to a fascinating RPG I wouldn't do anything else than to play all the day ...
Anything you want to add here:
I'm #3 at the German Doom League right now, see http://www.3daction.com/doom2/. I've participated in some collections (Final Doom, Hell Revealed, sorry, no LMP for DDQ :)

Kai is the most "German" type of player... Optimizing every demo to the last gametic. One of the best ever maxkills players, a formidable speedrunner, and a neat NM player (first ever NM04 by him). That makes him a great all-around player, though he doesn't punch -fast cyberdemons, as he said once :)
The only player who did built demos with LMPC, a must see for those who haven't... Created some nice jump tricks, forgive me that I don't remember too many of them... Ah yes, the MAP06 exit jump, that's surely his.
What else to say? Did a Chris Boardman-style max demo of e4m2 ;))

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