Mists of Doom

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Mists of Doom

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After I managed to update the database with old records, it was a real pleasure/surprise to see incoming. To sum up old update, we added 325 new demos, 21 new players and 3 new countries.

Ok, let's take a look and see what do we have inside of it:

Ultimate Doom
JC used void glide on E2M6 and improved old Guiddqd nightmare record for 44 seconds in n2m6-029.zip. Anyone interested to improve it to 0:28?

Final Doom - Plutonia
j4rio did MAP32 fast and improved 32 seconds over Anders Johnsen's old record in pf32-453.zip. One of the maps you can have lots of fun and frustrations.

Final Doom - TNT
Bunch of Tyson demos came in, and j4rio improved old Xit's MAP02 record in et02-805.zip, so Xit took it back in et02-733.zip.
Again j4rio doing MAP03 in et03-725.zip, and Xit taking it back in et03-603.zip so j4rio striked back and scored et03-526.zip!
Xit's MAP04, MAP05 and MAP07 were also improved by j4rio in et042712.zip, et051614.zip and et071702.zip. Nice job j4rio!
But then, MAP06 introduced a little fight. j4rio scored et06-757.zip, Xit took it back in et06-658.zip, then j4rio again beated Xit in et06-641.zip, Xit followed and did et06-636.zip, j4rio improving more in et06-631.zip and finished it with et06-556.zip. GGS!
Revved improved two fast records, ancient MAP18 by Peo Sjoblom in ef181102.zip and MAP19 by Xit in ef19-727.zip.
Kyle McAwesome did MAP23 pacific run (speed record also!) and improved Xit's record for three seconds in ep23-028.zip.

Xit Vono did a really nice Nightmare 100% secrets episode 2 run in 4436es11.zip! So Revved was intrigued and did fast episode 2 run based on Xit's run in 10930e11.zip.

pwads will not be in the news until we add all pwads to new database. If you are interested in populating pwads database feel free to contact us ad competn@doom.com.hr.

If you missed something:
- I'm still missing country codes for some players, from now, you will not be able to submit unless you tell us at least where are you from
- you can still visit old COMPET-N site and old forum (read only)
- what's going on behind scene -> doom.com.hr and COMPET-N site updates
- COMPET-N public directory listing

Also do not forget to register to our forums, and feel free to use forum BB codes for demos in your posts.

ps. big thanks to Alen 'Q' Stojanac for new design/logo/banner as always :) If you want to contribute you can create additional "banner".

ps2. forgot to give you all demos packed in one zip. :)