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Summer is here, euro2012, hot days, vacations, EDL 2012 is almost over, and so I heard that Skulltag is history, but Zandronum will continue where Skulltag stopped. I've read on their pages, Zandronum will throw all maps and mods so in the end it will be like Odamex or ZDaemon, and with that move I believe they are on the right way to bring other players that do not like Skulltag. Anyway, the fact that there are not so many players, and that they are split to three teams is somehow really bad, but I might be wrong. After all, this month we should expect ZDaemon 1.09!

COMPET-N database is filled with Doom 2, TNT and partly Ultimate Doom demos, and after all these years we have ten new players, at least if we talk about WAD-s. There is some progress on MySQL database, but major progress can be expected after all WAD demos will be added to old database.

You can download all EDL 2012 demos from our download pages, and there are still few matches left before semi finals.

Challenge brings us few surprises, wabe after all won against Sedlo on MAP01 scoring 3:2, and Sedlo won against Titan scoring also 3:2. There's one cheallenge left Gyrossman vs. Titan on fuloser map. Both matches are extremely interesting, and you can download them from forum or from our download pages. You can also read comments about played matches on forum.

Sedlo uploaded bunch of old quality demos to our ZDaemon download section. Check it out since there are some rare and awesome demos!

Recently I've stumbled onto Brutal Doom. If you don't want to mess with testing it you can watch video on Youtube and find out what Brutal Doom is.

Of course, do not forget to check our Youtube channel, Facebook pages or just follow us on Twitter.