Chocolate Doom v1.7.0 news in english.
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Chocolate Doom v1.7.0

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Chocolate Doom v1.7.0 has been released, port that tries to be 100% compatibile with original Doom for DOS, but for Windows, Linux and other operating sistems.

Windows version is available from our pages: ... te%20doom/

Mac, Linux and other operating systems are available on or ... oom/1.7.0/

1.7.0 (2012-06-09) changes:

* Fixed gnome-screensaver desktop file (thanks Rahul Sundaram).
* Updated COPYING to current version of GPL2 (thanks Rahul Sundaram).
* Running servers now re-resolve the address of the master server occasionally, to adapt to DNS address changes.
* Error dialog is no longer shown on OS X when running from the console.
* The Makefiles no longer use GNU make extensions, so the package builds on OpenBSD.
* There is now an OPL MIDI debug option (-opldev), useful for when developing GENMIDI lumps.
* A workaround for SDL mouse lag is now only used on Windows (where it is needed), and not on other systems. This fixes Chocolate Doom on AmigaOS (thanks Timo Sievänen).
* UTF-8 usernames are supported, and Windows usernames with non-ASCII characters are now supported (thanks Alexandre Xavier).

* Palette accuracy is reduced to 6 bits per channel, to more accurately emulate the PC VGA hardware (thanks GhostlyDeath).
* Fixed teleport behavior when emulating the alternate Final Doom executable (-gameversion final2) (thanks xttl).

Bugs fixed:
* Fixed weapon cycling keys when playing in Shareware Doom and using the IDKFA cheat (thanks Alexandre Xavier).
* Fixed the default mouse buttons in the setup tool (thanks Alexandre Xavier).
* Chat macros now work when vanilla_keyboard_mapping is turned off.
* Default chat macros were fixed in the setup tool.
* Ping time calculation was fixed for LAN search, and made more accurate for all searches.
* Fixed bug with detection of IWAD type by filename (thanks mether).

* There is now limited UTF-8 text support in the textscreen library, used in the label and input box widgets.
* Scroll bar behavior was fixed (thanks Alexandre Xavier).
* Input boxes stop editing and save when they lose their focus, correcting a previous counterintuitive behavior (thanks Twelve).
* The numeric keypad now works properly when entering text values (thanks Twelve).