Odamex 0.6.0

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Odamex 0.6.0

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New Odamex v0.6.0 (r3177) is out:

Odamex 0.6.0 was released on May 12th, 2012.
General Odamex Changes:
General bug fixes and code optimizations.
Addition of GPL Compatible slopes.
Addition of ready command for clients, which turns their names green on the scoreboard to indicate they want to play. Usually used in organized team games with the random captain and random pickup votes.
Addition of Preferred Weapon Order (PWO). Servers must enable sv_allowpwo. In the menu, clients can modify the order in which they prioritize their weapons to determine whether to switch or keep the current weapon up when running over a weapon on the ground.
Brand new voting system. Includes built-in GUI.
Further improved ZDoom Physics accuracy when using co_zdoomphys.
Support for a number of additional ZDoom line specials and mapping tricks. This list includes, but is not limited to, horizon lines, line-activated thing thrusters, and transfer heights tricks.
Restored particle fountains, sparks, and the railgun.
Added support for the ZDoom 1.23 LANGUAGE lump string abstraction (GStrings).
Updated the ACS interpreter to ZDoom 1.23.
Launcher queries and player connections are now allowed during intermission.

Odamex Client Changes:
Brand new music playback system. New portmidi music library allows Windows Vista/7 users to play back midi music probably.
Brand new netdemo format. Players can begin and end recording at any time during a game by using the netrecord and stopnetdemo commands. When playing back a demo using the netplay command, players can fast forward, rewind, and pause using the arrow keys and space bar. Includes built-in GUI.
Option to auto-record and split netdemos between each round using the cl_autorecord and cl_splitnetdemos variables.
Brand new Odamex full screen HUD. Enabled by default, uses the hud_fullhudtype cvar.
Brand new scoreboards for all game modes. Can be scaled to varying degrees through the display options menu.
New mouse options and default settings. New ZDoom mouse type.
Numerous new network options, which can be accessed through the Network Options menu.
Progress bar for wads currently being downloaded.
Enhanced text scaling. Can be accessed through the display options menu or by using the hud_scaletext variable.
Addition of cl_movebob command, which scales movement and weapon bobbing between 0.0 and 1.0.
Ability to scale the volume of game alert sounds in Capture the Flag games.

Odamex Server Changes:
Changed defaults of variables that were formally experimental such as sv_ticbuffer and sv_unlag.
Addition of sv_allowmovebob, which determines if clients can modify their on screen movebob or not.
Server can now control the total time of an intermission.
Changed the behavior of sv_friendlyfire to not remove armor from teammates when turned off.
Prevent clients from using blank names on servers.

Odamex Launcher Changes:
Added high resolution icons.
Added support for wxWidgets 2.9.
Visual improvements.

http://sourceforge.net/projects/odamex/ ... mex/0.6.0/