Doom Builder v2.1.1.1466 news in english.
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Doom Builder v2.1.1.1466

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If you want to create your own Doom maps (wads) or you just want to modify them, then we got the perfect thing for you: Doom Builder.

New version brings us:

Added button in toolbar for Edit Selection mode.
Fixed some problems with copy/paste in modes where it can't be used.
Fixed a potential timing issue on speed-stepping CPUs.
Fixed memory and performance issues in Visual Mode for things with 0 with or height. (note to developers: VisualMode::GetVisualThing(t) may return null!)
Added option to display the texture/flat sizes below the preview image in the browsers.
Added the DeepBSP nodebuilder.
Fixed a visual glitch which caused incorrect thing colors when selection was cleared from Edit Selection mode.
Fixed a crash when accepting Edit Selection mode changes with erroneous overlapping lines.
Fixed a bug with pasted things when the Things Filter is used.
Fixed a bug with the Things Filter which caused some things to be incorrectly shown.
Things are now flipped when the selection in Edit Selection mode is flipped.
Linked with the latest SlimDX (September 2011)
TagRange plugin: the menu bar button now opens the plugin's window
Added -strictpatches command line parameter to indicate strict patches loading for the WAD file loaded from command line
Added -resource command line parameter to specify additional resources for the WAD file loaded from command line (see cmdargs.txt for more information!)
Fixed thing angles so that any value in the −32768..32767 range can be entered. Also fixed the thing angle in the info panel accordingly and optimized the rendering slightly.
Fixed bug that prevent TAB from being detected in Preferences Controls input.
Fixed a bug that caused a zero-length file to be created when a resource file was missing.
Fixed bug in dockers panel system that allowed the panel to go bonkers when resized smaller than possible.
Fixed Sector Secret Trigger thing (9046) argument options
Fixed some configuration inaccuracies.
Linedef arguments are set to 0 when action 0 (normal) is chosen. But are not forced to stay 0 (you can still change them after selecting the action)
Fixed bug which sometimes causes the drawing vertex to jump to (0, 0) while drawing geometry.
Fixed problem where changes to the custom fields of sidedefs could not be undone.
Improved texture filtering in Visual Mode. When filtering is Off, it interpolates the mipmaps to reduce the banding effect on walls/floors. With filtering On, it now uses anisotropic filtering up to level 8. (you can change the anisotropy level by editing the 'filteranisotropy' value in the program configuration)
Fixed bug in Things Filters which caused removed flag settings to be restored after DB restart.
Fixed bug that caused translucent objects to become opaque when full brightness is turned on in Visual Mode
Fixed some inaccuracy problems with the Edit Selection mode.
Added -nosettings command line parameter which allows starting Doom Builder with only the default settings (no user settings) but any settings you make will not be saved (to protect your original settings).
Fixed an issue that caused a map to be 'changed' just by going into Visual Mode.
Fixed Aiming Camera (9073) thing argument 4 in ZDoom configurations (thanks Kappes Buur)
Updated UDMF fields in ZDoom game configurations
Fixed ActorMover (9074) thing argument 4 in ZDoom configurations (thanks Kappes Buur)
Added a GZDoom Visual Mode, with floor and ceiling texture transformation and coloring
Started GZDoom Editing plugin project
Added Find & Replace for Thing Angles
Added lots of new filter options for Things Filters
Some interface polishing
Fixed a tiny inaccuracy on a rare occasion in the sector triangulation code