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New Prboom+ version is out! Download here

[+] Added device selection to portmidi player. Controlled by the snd_mididev config variable. See stdout.txt for list of available devices.
[+] Added a progress bar for demo skipping during re-recording.
[+] Added key binding options for start/stop and fast-forward when watching demos.
[+] Added a key binding option to restart the current map.
[+] Added a "Default compatibility level" GUI entry.
[+] Support for 16 sprite rotations.
[+] New HUDs. HUDs definitions are moved to the "prboom-plus.wad/-prbhud-" lump.
[*] Fluidsynth player now resumes notes seamlessly after a pause.
[*] Speed improvement on maps like sunder.wad map10 and nuts.wad.
[*] Force GL_LINEAR for MAG filter for textures with detail.
[-] Fixed buggy music that forgets to terminate notes held over a loop point. SDL_mixer does this as well. Fix tested against Doom2 map14 and FreeDoom2 map01, for fluidsynth, portmidi, and OPL players.
[-] Fixed buffer overrun in OPL2 player.
[-] Fixed crash in video capture code when "Use GL surface for software mode" is enabled.
[-] The screen wipe after pressing the exit switch on a level was noticably jerkier.
[-] MBF-added codepointers worked with any complevel.
[-] Fixed HOMs on skies with transparent pixels. Sky2 @ doom2.wad, for example.
[-] Alpha channel did not work for 8-bit PNGs with alpha.
[-] Transferred standard sky was drawn badly when FOV > 90 (Voodoo Guns - map02).