Frag Your Brains Out 52 news in english.
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Frag Your Brains Out 52

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FYBO is live this week again, so I decided to c/p news from ZDaemon forum:
This week's event signals the completion of FYBO's first year and I'd like to close out the year with another event reflecting the popular choice. In the normal 6 polls so far, there have been some worthy WADs that didn't manage to end up first in the polls. How about we give them a second chance guys? check the list: they're all pretty decent and fun

You can vote any time between now and Sunday morning. So tell us which one you prefer and we'll play it again this Sunday.

Some screenshots might help refresh the memory: Classix, GreenWar, Mega4, FastMaps, Nutty, VitalAim_12.
More information and voting is available on ZDaemon forum.