Odamex 0.5.4

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Odamex 0.5.4

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New Odamex v0.5.4 (r2430) is out:

Odamex 0.5.4 was released on August 9th, 2011.
General Odamex Changes:
General bug fixes and code optimizations.
Experimental Net Demos.
Experimental Unlagged.
Improved Zdoom compatibility.
Fix death cam bug from 0.5.3.
New cl_nobob and sv_allownobob variables to allow weapon bob toggle.
Apply Eternity's "west-facing spawns are silent" vanilla bug.

Odamex Client Changes:
Mouse4/Mouse5 back button support.
Fix CTF ghost flags.
Fix CTF sound origin.
Scoreboard improvements.
Ability to turn off music system through sound menu/cvar (snd_nomusic).
New cvar r_skypalette allows vanilla behavior with invulnerability sphere.
Changed r_detail cvar default to 0.
Odamex Server Changes:
Fixed a crash that occured on some clients when downloading wads due to oversided packets.
co_zdoomphys now also enables two way wallrunning.
Optional use of the ZDoom Sound Curve (co_zdoomsoundcurve).
Begin removal of -config parameter support in favor of +exec.
Changed ctf_flagtimeout to seconds instead of tics, with a default of 10.

http://sourceforge.net/projects/odamex/ ... mex/0.5.4/