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New version of Prboom+ is out! Check it out on

[+] New music code by Nicholai Main. See "Preferred MIDI player" GUI option. Available values are "sdl", "fluidsynth" (disabled for Win9x), "opl2" and "portmidi".
[+] If "-warp" doesn't have a map number after it, the game will automatically warp to the first map in all the files loaded at the command line. This allows a pwad to be run without concerns about where its actual maps start.
[+] The option to place the overlaid automap where you want (map_overlay_pos_x/y/width/height config variables).
[+] Added render_patches_scalex/y config variables for custom scaling when "not adjusted" is used.
[+] Emulation of weaponinfo overruns.
[+] Automap interpolation.
[+] Support for mouse wheel up/down.
[+] Added an "Use mouse wheel for zooming" automap option.
[+] Screen resolution changes don't require an engine restart.
[+] The option to resize the main window with the mouse. Any size is allowed if Shift is pressed during resizing.
[+] Alt-Enter now toggles between fullscreen and windowed modes.
[+] Added an "Use GL surface for software mode" video option. It renders a software surface into an OpenGL surface. Thus, you shouldn't have palette issues on modern systems and you can use VSync even with the "windib" SDL video driver.
[+] New video capture system by Nicholai Main. Use command line params "-timedemo anydemo.lmp -viddump filename.mkv"; see usage.txt for more details.
[*] Added mouse button actions for "backward motion" and for single-click "use".
[*] The noclip effect which can occur with an "intercepts overflow" should not take effect after a level is reloaded.
[*] When recording, the ENDOOM screen is now disabled regardless of the misc_fastexit option.
[*] The "Fast Exit" option is now named "Show ENDOOM screen".
[*] The precise rendering of automap lines when "render quality" is "quality" to avoid small vibrations during map rotation. Applied only in GL mode.
[*] Antialiasing of automap lines now also works in software modes (Xiaolin Wu's line algorithm). There's a map_use_multisamling config variable and a corresponding GUI entry for this.
[-] Fixed a crash on map21 @ newgothic.wad with "-complevel 10" and higher.
[-] Improved emulation of "missed back side" overruns. The desynch in fez1-924.lmp @ fez1.wad is gone now, but you still need to add "-setmem dosbox" or "-setmem dos71" command line parameter, because the default "dos622" memory layout causes a desynch.
[-] The automap scaling factor is now saved.
[-] A "-set overrun_* = 0" setting now works in demo footers.
[-] When playing back multi-level demos for the Ultimate DOOM, -warp produced unexpected results when combined with -auto.
[-] The titlepic in malgnant.wad caused Signal 11 crashes.
[-] Fixed the incorrect positioning of automap marks when 'follow mode' and 'rotate mode' were enabled.
[-] Automap marks did not draw correctly, displaying white rectangles instead of digits.
[-] Automap marks did not scale to the selected screen resolution and were hardly visible at high resolutions as a result.
[-] The skydome cap color was wrong during invulnerability mode.
[-] The mouse cursor didn't hide during fullscreen when the mouse was disabled in General options.
[-] When one used skipsec to warp to an intermission screen portion of a demo, the music from the previous level was played instead of the intermission music.
[-] The "flashing hom" detector didn't work in GL mode.