DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP24 | jump to exit

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DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP24 | jump to exit

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Discovered by: Adam Williamson
Demo: (20/12/2000)
Skills needed: Knowing the right straferun angle
Difficulty: hard

This jump is very strange indeed, it covers a distance of 256 units between two equal height platforms (they are the same sectors), which should be an impossible distance even with rocket launcher help. However, upon further investigation the map will reveal a secret: behind the wall there is a small ledge leading all the way between the two platforms (and it belongs to the same sector as those two). However the ledge is unreachable because the line in front of it is impassable. Somehow this ledge still has some effect when trying to wallrun in the air to the other side - very strange indeed. It's quite certain this was an unintended editing mistake on Sandy Petersen's part, still he opened up the possibility of a cool trick.