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DOOM 2 | tricks | MAP17 | walkway tricks

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Discovered by: Andreas "Anthe" Kren
Demo: (20/05/1996)
Fastest demo by:
Skills needed: some basic straferunning
Difficulty: easy

It was Anthe who first introduced all of the walkway tricks to us, although he says Steffen Winterfeldt was the first to discover the first jump. Actually there are three tricks here, so I'll deal with them one by one:
The little walkaround for not releasing the imps' cage at the start. This is not commonly used as it doesn't really make the level easier.
The walkway jump at the red key, which will keep the cacodemons away from you. This one is really important if you don't want any problems further in the map.
The workaround at the blue key place, which will keep the cacodemon/pain elemental cages closed. Another one which makes the run significantly easier.