(Doom) Lan party in Croatia!

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(Doom) Lan party in Croatia!

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Belive it or not we are holding lan party in Croatia, Pojatno.
For now we have ~10 participants like Woodoo, Krec, Sedlo, Mihha, Saint, BioLio, Q, Chanadi, fx ;)

Place of happening: Pojatno, Matije Gupca 99, Croatia
Date: 25.08.2018.
Time: 13:37
End time... who knows
Games to be played: Doom 2 1on1 (2 x DOS PC-s), Zdaemon 1on1 / TDM / CTF and all games will be recorded
If there will be time: Quake 1 (modern client), Starcraft 1, Dota, etc...

If you are interested and want to participate, feel free to contact me via admin@doom.com.hr we can arrange room for you.

ps. as you noticed I'm back in the game, so I'll do COMPET-N / CNDOOM demo news as I did before for all demos submitted since 2014!