ZDoom v2.7.1, Doom Legacy, Doomsday and Odamex

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ZDoom v2.7.1, Doom Legacy, Doomsday and Odamex

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New Zdoom version (2.7.0 bugfix maily) is released along with new ACC. Download it from our pages:
http://www.doom.com.hr/public/doom2/ports/zdoom/ or from official ZDoom page.

Also, new version of Doom Legacy v1.44 alpha4 is available:

Doomsday v1.10.3 is new too http://www.doom.com.hr/public/doom2/ports/doomsday/

Oh, yes, and new Odamex v0.6.3, almost forgot about it, hehe http://www.doom.com.hr/public/doom2/ports/odamex/

COMPET-N news update should follow soon, but you can track new demos in incoming. If you encounter any problem with the page feel free to report it and send screenshot if possible, so I can fix it.