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Full barrel of news

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christmas 2013
Doom had it's 19th birthday exactly nineteen days ago (10.12.2012).
Whoa, that makes me really old when I think about it :P Anyway holidays came fast and I was really busy but would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New 2013 Year or whatever you celebrate these days, hehe. My wish for 2013 is Comeptition Doom client final!

Odamex team released new version 0.6.2, afaik bugfixes, download it from official site or from our server.

Randy released new ZDBSP version 1.18.1 which corrects a problem in earlier versions that could potentially create invalid nodes with maps that have more than 65535 lines or with maps that use the new node format introduced in ZDBSP 1.18.

Gez released new GZDoom version 1.7.0:
- new lighting mode
- berserk indicator on alternative HUD
- support for BFG edition IWADs
- sound precaching through MAPINFO
Download is also available from our server.

Lastly, if you are waiting for Competition Doom feel free to join #nightmare on irc.quakenet.org and nicely ask fraggle to finish client/server feature for Chocolate Doom and xttl for metadata so they will know that there are more people that want cndoom :)